What To Expect From a Hair Extension Consultation

So, you’re interested in receiving a hair extension service and are looking for pricing information. Being a smart consumer, you look online, checking out several different hair salons and several different stylists in hopes that you can find a price for the service, only to hear the same sentence repeated over and over, “We can’t quote prices over the phone but we would be happy to schedule you an appointment for a consultation with one of our hair extension specialists”.

Why is it that you just can’t seem to get a straightforward answer about the cost of the service without taking up valuable time from your busy day to go to one or more hair salons? It seems as if they just want to get you into their salons in an effort to sell you the service and close the deal. Well, as frustrating as the process may seem, a salon or stylist that isn’t responsible enough to offer you a consultation isn’t responsible enough to perform a quality service, in the first place. In this article, we’ll tell you why and try to de-mystify the reasons behind the hair extension consultation process.

One of the first things that you will probably do, upon arriving for your hair extension consultation, is fill out a client questionnaire. This form will ask you, basically, what your motives are for wanting hair extensions. For instance: Are they to support an effort to grow out your natural hair? Is it your desire to increase volume and make your own hair thicker looking? Are the hair extensions primarily being used to add length? Are they being used to grow out a bad hair cut? Are they for the addition of color or highlights? Other inquiries are also addressed as to if you have any health issues, concerns or allergies (certain medications can interfere upon occasion)? All of these questions are very important, as they help the professional stylist determine the course of action in engineering your desired finished look.

The consultation doesn’t end there. The next step is for the hair extension professional to thoroughly examine and make note of:

• Your scalp (for tightness, looseness dryness, oiliness, scars, bald spots, etc.).

• The curvature and structure of your head for hair extension placement.

• The length of your natural hair (as opposed to your desired length).

• Your hair texture (thickness or fineness of the individual hairs).

• Your hairs elasticity and/or any breakage present.

• The density of the hair (amount of hair per square inch).

• The specific lack or abundance of hair in certain areas.

• Natural curl or wave patterns.

• Hair color or colors present.

• The style that your hair is cut into prior to service.

After all of these aspects of the consultation are taken into account, your hair extension professional can make the determination whether you are a candidate for hair extensions and if you are, decisions of exactly how much extension hair must be added to your own natural hair to create the exact style that you desire, as well as, just how much time it will take to perform the service. These two things determine the cost of the materials and labor.

If you are a candidate and agree to the price of the hair extension service, it is now the stylists job to educate you on what you should expect from the service, the basic dos and don’ts, and the process of home care maintenance that having hair extensions entails.

So, when you are offered a consultation for a hair extension service and it is done correctly, you should feel fairly confidant that your hair care expert is doing their best to tailor an extension application that is unique to you and your exacting needs and desires.